Donate to support Nalandabodhi Asia

Nalandabodhi Asia is committed to providing presentations to Buddhist Teachings in a systematic way that emphasizes a direct approach towards understanding and experiencing the lessons of Buddhism.

Our center is a rented Yoga center located in Wan Chai.  The atmosphere is basic and designed to serve the simple purpose of providing a clean and quiet environment in which to study and practice as a group.

Our volunteer efforts are aimed at providing locations for studying the Nalandabodhi curriculum and practicing the meditation methods associated with those studies.  We also try to provide the latest updates on events and activities relevant for Buddhist practitioners in the modern world.

We haven’t got our online donation system up yet, but if you show up in person at one of our events there should be a donation box where you can give to support our events and activities.  Thanks!






現時我們尚未設立網上贊助基制,我們的活動將設功德箱以方便有興趣贊助「那瀾陀菩提亞洲」活動的朋友們。在此感謝您支持我們的善意 !